How to get clinic records if you’re out of town


Posted by on Fri, August 21, 2009

If you aren’t able to be at the clinic on September 8 or 9 to collect your medical records, this info will be helpful.

According to Jim Seeman, Administrative Manager to the trustee, the trustee’s office is "requiring that patients pick up their own records, but in the case of that being impossible, we are willing to FedEx the records to the address of record in the name of the patient. We must request a fee of $25 to cover costs. Once we receive the record request and the mailing fee, we will send the records out, please allow 2 weeks for turn around".

This doesn’t work for us because our address of record is our post office box, and Fed Ex doesn’t ship to P.O. boxes. I asked if they would send them via US mail to our P.O. box, which is the address on our records, and Mr. Seeman replied "I would think we would be able to accommodate the delivery to your PO Box. I believe you are not the only patient in this situation."

I am awaiting word on whether they will assess an extra fee for sending by US mail, but thought I’d get this out there in case others might find it useful.

The trustee, E. Lynn Schoenmann, is at [email protected]; the administrative manager, Jim Seeman, is at [email protected]

Follow-up info… you can get your records at a P.O. Box using US mail (assuming that you PO box is the address on your records).

Mr. Seeman says: “There will be a charge for sending them USPS because we will have to send them Registered/Certified in order to have a signature upon receipt.  There are legal issues involved in all this.  The fee would be the same as the FedEx, which is $25 each…. The check should be make payable to Coastside Bankruptcy Estate.”

I faxed my request for records to them, but am going to follow up by sending the originals to them at the address on the original letter, with check enclosed.

Ellen, you’re not the only one. Having just moved back to Rhode Island, the response I got from Ms. Schoenmann seemed to imply that they made a hard and fast rule with FedEx and, well, what’s my problem? The problem was that I had no one to send the records to during FedEx daily hours of operation. Apparently I am expected to just sit and wait for two days for the driver to show up so I can give him my signature.

So, at this point, I’m in the middle of a four part volley with Ms. Schoemann. She keeps focusing on how their office is burdened and that they can’t be making exceptions for everyone.

Well, here’s my situation. There are only FedEx drop off boxers in my area, so unless I take time off in the middle of the day, contend with an onslaught of tourist traffic or shell out for two bridge tolls later in the evening, I have to drive the equivalent of going to Oakland to pick up my records, ........ that is unless they are able to check off the first question of Section 8 on the FedEx Airbill, which allows for delivery without a signature. But then, there they go with having to make exceptions again.

One would have thought someone would have looked into being able to accommodate the anomalies encountered in this record distribution, but so far, apparently not.