How to get your story on Coastsider

By on Mon, August 2, 2010

Do you want to raise an issue with the community, or do you have a local event you want to promote? Coastsider is a community news site and we welcome contributions from our members.

It’s easy to become a member

Anyone can post on Coastsider, but you must use your real name on your post. This keeps things neighborly. Your first post may be moderated before being are released. But, once we know you and have established your identity, we’ll upgrade you Trusted Member status.  Anything posted by Trusted Members will be immediately released on the site without pre-moderation.

Post a letter on Coastsider

Click on the "Letters" link at the top of the page to add your letter to our Letters section in the right-hand column. All letters appear on the home page until newer letters replace them.

Anyone can post a letter about a noncommercial topic. We also accept letters on some commercial events of general interest, such as public entertainment or free events that should be interesting to a broad range of community members. Otherwise, your commercial announcement should be posted to Unclassified Ads.

Letters of more general interest, including event announcements, are often moved to the main column at the editor’s discretion.

You can add a picture to your letter by emailing it to [email protected].

Add a comment to a story

Members can comment on any story or letter, but they must still follow our terms of use (e.g. "Be civil.") and use their real name. Comments from first-time posters will be reviewed by a moderator before they are released.  Once you’re a Trusted Member, your comments will not be pre-moderated and will be posted immediately.

Post an Unclassified Ad

Trusted Members can post commercial announcements, items for sale, commercial events, yard sales, and more in Unclassifieds. Make sure your real name is on your account and mail [email protected] for posting access.  The five most recent Unclassified ads are listed on the home page.

Terms of Service

All members must follow our common-sense terms of use. You usually can’t go wrong if you don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your name attached to, and you’re civil to our other members.