iCoastside community app now available


By on Thu, March 22, 2012


Phondini Partners and the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce & Visitors’ Bureau have taken a revolutionary approach to the design of the mobile application for their unique Coastside community.  After considerable success with their iPumpkin app for the Half Moon Bay Art & Pumpkin Festival last October, they have released iCoastside, the must-have mobile app for locals and visitors alike, to popular acclaim. 

“We learned a great deal from our iPumpkin experience,” said Joe Falcone, CTO, Managing Partner & Founder of Phondini Partners, the creators behind the app, “and we put all of that learning to use with iCoastside.  We’ve created a new category of Community Apps that knows no boundaries.  iCoastside includes the first mobile library search on the peninsula and you can even find out where that fire engine is going when you hear the siren go by!”

Most mobile applications for tourism, chambers of commerce or festivals can best be described as “vanity apps” – pretty and expensive but not very useful. In contrast, consumers reported that iPumpkin was extremely helpful – from making it easy to find entertainment and food to learning more about the hundreds of artists, including viewing pictures of their wares. 

And the feedback from the early adopters of iCoastside is just as glowing: people are using iCoastside to do everything from checking tide tables while taking a walk on the beach to following the local champion high school basketball team.  And iCoastside will also include coverage for both Pacific Coast Dream Machines in April and the Pumpkin Festival in October. 

“We couldn’t wait for iCoastside after the splendid experience we had with iPumpkin,” said Charise Hale McHugh, CEO of the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce and Visitors’ Bureau. “This is something that every community should have – it highlights what we love about the Coastside – our environment, our shops, our schools and resources – and brings them all together so that you can take them with you, wherever you go.”

“I’ve lived in Half Moon Bay for about a year and I’ve learned more about the area in a month of using iCoastside than with all the web resources I’ve consulted,” added Barbara Martin, Business Director for Phondini Partners.  “There is no other mobile app that combines a business directory, local news & weather, Coastside radio, community information, localized web search, and branch library search.  Overnight I became a local expert on the Coastside.”

iCoastside is currently available from the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch at http://bit.ly/icoastside, the Android Market for over 1000 Android devices at http://bit.ly/icandroid, and the Amazon AppStore for the Kindle Fire at http://amzn.to/icamazon.  Just search for “iCoastside” and install.

iCoastside was developed by Phondini Partners, a company that builds mobile applications for iPhone, iPad, & Android platforms using local resources.  For more information about Phondini Partners visit www.phondini.com.  For more information about the Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce & Visitors’ Bureau visit www.hmbchamber.com.