Video: Places that are not worth caring about

By on Wed, February 4, 2009

"When we have enough places that are not worth caring about, we will have a nation that is not worth defending."—James Howard Kunstler

I’ve mentioned in the past that my view of development and community has been strongly influenced by Kunstler’s The Geography of Nowhere.Take 20 minutes to watch Kunstler’s take on the Tragedy of Suburbia. Kunstler is not only right, he’s incredibly funny.

Kunstler introduced many Americans to "New Urbanism" and "Smart Growth".  The Tragedy of the Coastside is that these terms are being used to promote projects that are the opposite of what they mean. Watch this video, and think about projects like Wavecrest, Beachwood, or Peeble’s Pacifica Quarry. Ask yourself what kind of community their promoters have in mind for us.