Jeff Clark sues Mavericks management company

By on Wed, January 20, 2010

Jeff Clark says he’s suing the company that now manages the Mavericks big wave surf contest, which he founded, reports the SF Appeal.

Clark filed a complaint in San Francisco Superior Court today, alleging that Mavericks Surf Ventures Inc. CEO Keir Beadling and the company’s directors breached two contracts with Clark, withheld payments, and did not disclose basic financial information to shareholders, according to Clark’s attorney, Richard Mooney. [...]

In 2003, Clark partnered with Evolve Sports, which led to the creation of Mavericks Surf Ventures to run the event. The company announced last year that Clark was stepping down as contest director, however Clark has said in interviews and on his personal blog that he was forced out of the contest he founded.

"Jeff was ousted from his position," his attorney Richard Mooney said this afternoon. "They continue to use his name and likeness to promote the competition and the contest, even after they made sure he couldn’t have any connection to it."