Jimmy Benjamin on the Kehoe Ditch decision


By on Sun, November 13, 2011

Jimmy Benjamin
California red-legged frog 40m north of Kehoe riparian corridor, September 13, 2011
Wetlands Resources, Inc
Detail from a map showing the tributary of Pilarcitos Creek on an 1863 map, overlaid on the site of the current Kehoe watercourse (circled). Prepared for the Pilarcitos Lagoon Habitat Enhancement Feasibility Study for the San Mateo County Resource Conservation District, May 2009. Circle added. Click to download full image.

In today’s Coastsider Podcast, we interview Half Moon Bay resident Jimmy Benjamin about his recent successful lawsuit over Half Moon Bay’s removal of vegetation in the Kehoe Ditch riparian area.

We discussed the history of the area, the endangered species that live there, why the city needed to get a Coastal Development Permit to do the work, the background of the Coastal Act, what the next steps might be, and what the city might have to do to resolve the issue.

You can read our story of the decision and download the court’s decision from Coastsider.