Joe Galligan, the Most Qualified Candidate for County Treasurer


By on Sat, June 5, 2010

Joe Galligan is the only candidate with 30 years as a CPA, preparing tax documents, providing investment advice and running a respected and successful business.  Joe has a BA in Accounting and an MS in Taxation.

Joe Galligan is the only candidate who has attended the County Treasurer’s investment committee meetings after the 155 million dollar Lehman loss.  Joe also attends the county retirement, SAMCERA, board meetings.

The Treasurer-Tax Collector is a finance job that is best served by a financial expert. Joe Galligan is the only candidate that fits this criteria

Joe Galligan has served as Mayor, City Council Member and has served as Treasurer for numerous county non-profits, including Heart, Community Gatepath and the Legal Aid Society of San Mateo County.

This position should not be elected.  It is a technical position that should be recruited and appointed.  No matter how talented Dave Mandelkern is, if this was 2014 and the county ordinance standards were in place, Dave Mandelkern could not run for this office.