La Costanera, nearly there


By on Tue, August 25, 2009

Kevin Stokes

The guys at La Costanera seem to be putting the final touches to the interior of the new restaurant/bar. Peaking through the window I can see lots of beachcomber type decor being used, muted sand colors cover the walls and chair fabric. It looks very tasteful so far. Contemporary Peruvian Cuisine is what’s promised, I can’t wait, not sure about the rumored 15 types of ceviche though, we will see. A couple of things do concern me and I wonder how the new owners will deal with them?

1. Parking, not sure who owns what land and parking lots surrounding most of the property. Them or State Parks? We could see the nightmare of parking on Highway one during busy Summer months, like Sam’s Chowder House, how will this be regulated?

2. Litter, with extra people comes extra trash. I hope they have plans for many more strategically places trash cans and keep them clean.

3. The locals, wouldn’t it be nice if we got some sort of deal on meals or a small discount. That would show their commitment to the people that will hopefully keep them in a turn over business in the quiet Winter months, that would be very much appreciated by the locals I have spoke to.

I wish them every success with the business and myself and many locals are looking forward to the opening party!!!