LAFCo Community Response Requested by PMAC by Aug 3


By on Sun, July 31, 2011


At our most recent PMAC council meeting we had a presentation(submitted in writing) by Marta Poyatos, Executive Officer San Mateo LAFCo.  Recently I met with Martha to gain additional understanding and discuss where we go from here.

LAFCo/Martha is looking forward to a community response to the report.  I don’t need remind you a community response of this nature is most powerful if we are heard as one.  To that end I ask you to formulate your opinions and or factual responses and email to my attention ([email protected]).  I will work with PMAC council members to coordinate all submittals and formulate the “Community Response”.

As you read through LAFCo’s Pescadero statement you will see a myriad of issues.  If you prioritize those issues, CSA11’s water is at the top of the list.  As you read the report you will see why.

The deadline for submitting our document to LAFCo is August 5th.  We want Martha to have some time for review prior to her next appearance at PMAC, Tuesday, August 9th.  The 5th being our deadline to publish, we need your response no later than the end of the day Wednesday, August 3rd.

If you do not have a copy of LAFCo’s Pescadero statement it can be viewed at

Look forward to hearing from you.
Greg Bonaparte
PMAC Chair

The Pescadero Municipal Advisory Council has been advising the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors since 1992 on issues affecting the residents of Pescadero, Loma Mar, Butano Canyon and other South Coast communities. For more information on PMAC, visit