Las Ramblas de Half Moon Bay: live art on streets of Princeton, Saturday

By on Thu, April 30, 2009


who : the people of princeton and artists of the half moon bay area and beyond

what : a neighborhood art walk with indoor/outdoor performance and installations

when : saturday, may 2nd, 6:30pm-10pm with dancing until midnight (and hopefully every two months hereafter)

where : the homes, garages, warehouses, offices, alleyways, streets and boats of princeton-by-the-sea

why : to create and cultivate a diverse artistic community

The journey begins at 6:30pm at 117 Harvard Avenue in the zócalo with an opening ceremony followed by three hours of live music, art installations, video projections, street theater, belly dance, tea service, performance painting, poetry and fire dancing.

The celebration continues with an afterparty featuring global rhythms and drumming. come as an artist, musician, participant or member of the audience and celebrate the peculiarities of princeton-by-the-sea !  donations of canned goods for Coastside Hope and new or used shoes for the Casa de Migrantes in Tijuana, Mexico are encouraged.

Our intention

We hope to create a community event that reflects the unique and peculiar neighborhood that is Princeton, open to all who live, work and wander its streets.  the art walk promotes collaboration between artists, performers, and locals forging new relationships and unique partnerships that will encourage mutual understanding and growth. 

Participants are encouraged to present their art, skill, or space in a non-traditional way, creating a transformative experience that is interactive and extraordinary, one that is temporary in construction but long-lasting in affect, and only able to experienced on the day of the event.  residents, workers, and Coastsiders from all walks of life are invited to join in helping to shape the evolution of the project with the idea that beauty and stength comes with a diversity of people and ideas.

The event is non-commercial in spirit, free and open to the general public with the possibility of viewers purchasing artwork or food/drink by donation, but only as a secondary aspect at any of the venues.

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