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Posted by on Fri, July 14, 2006

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The Wednesday morning commute time from Montara to Half Moon Bay averaged about 30 minutes for three hours.
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Wednesday evening commute

The League for Coastside Protection has created a series of charts showing travel times for the morning and evening commutes in June and July.  Using data extracted from, the charts dramatically show that the morning commute has worsened this week, and that the evening commute from Highway 280 to Half Moon Bay is more than 30 minutes for two hours a day.  The morning commute from Montara to Half Moon Bay varies widely, averaging about half an hour, but going as high as 45 minutes at its worst.

The charts shown here are for one day only—Wednesday July 12.

It’s notable how erratic the morning traffic times are.  Checking the times on before you leave the house is unlikely to tell you what kind of traffic you’ll encounter.

I suspect the reason the times are so eratic is that they are trapping Fastrak transponders to determine the travel times.  There aren’t very many transponders, and so they probably have a very poor sample size.  Plus, what happens if someone pulls into the shopping center for donuts?

Stephen Lowens

Now you can get a live graph, up-to-date all day long of both inbound and outbound commute times at the following URL: