Letter: Abandoned bunny needs a home


By on Fri, January 2, 2009


Three nights ago a bunny was hit by a car on our street in Montara. Its little friend witnessed it and tried to help. when my daughter came upon this scene they were huddled together in the street. The uninjured bunny was trying to cover the injured one with his body, trying to push it up and standing between it and the oncoming cars. It was a heart breaking scene. The injured rabbit died.

With difficulty she caught the uninjured bunny, put it in a cage and took to our home. When who we thought was the owner showed up, he informed us that the rabbits were found in the lot behind his house. The bunny pair was loose and had been hopping around at will for months. There don’t seem to be babies involved so we think the bunnies were both the same sex or neutered.

We have the rabbit in a warm bathroom with food and water. The bunny is shy but when offered food around will allow us to pet and even hold him.  Remarkably, he/she appears to be in very good health except for some matted fur.  We learned that bunnies form bonded pairs and can become distraught and ill if separated but he/she seems to be doing OK.  It is a domestic dwarf bunny, mostly gray with white and very cute.

We are looking for someone with experience with rabbits to adopt this courageous little bunny. We work full time and have 3 cats and 2 dogs - all rescues and adoptions, plus a horse. We just don’t have the room or time for another animal. All the rescue societies we have contacted are overflowing with unwanted rabbits. If you know someone who can adopt or foster this bunny please call us at 728-1318.

Florie Loukedis