Letter: Big Wave wellness center and office park scoping meeting, Tuesday Nov 18


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Has anyone else been "invited" to Public Scoping Meeting regarding the building of a project for low income developmentally disabled children and adults. The project it to have housing and an office center to cover 19.5 acres.

"The project site is located in unincorporated San Mateo County along Airport Street, on the North side of City of Half Moon Bay, situated on the San Mateo County Coastline, with the Half Moon Bay Airport immediatley adjacent to the east.

"Further, various project-related business operations are included, which will be utilized to manage the above, as well as to generate income for the project services, such as: Big Wave (BW) Catering and Food Services; BW Energy; BW Entertainment; BW Farming; BW Water; BW Transportation; BW Recycling; BW Communications (Fiberlink) and BW Maintenance.

The meeting is November 18, 2008 from 7-9pm at El Granada School.

I received mine from the San Mateo Planning and Building Department yesterday.

Kathleen Muth

This is not the first public meeting for Big Wave. The previous one was held over two years ago (see link below).

Big Wave Public Meeting June 2006

Since then, what was already a huge project seems to have morphed into something even bigger. An excerpt from the EIR notice:

“Proposed utilities and energy systems for use at the site include…wind turbines and generators…bio-diesel filling stations…
and/or a desalination plant located at Princeton pier…” 

I have emailed Barry a pdf of the EIR notice. Perhaps he can post a link to it with this story.

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Mon, November 10, 2008 10:05am
Barry Parr
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Here’s the link to download the EIR document:


Below is the link to the project tracking information in the County’s online permit center. Notice that it is described as being located at the “Pillar Point Marsh.” So, the typo “Bog Wave” in the online posting is actually not far from the truth. 

County Online Permit Center: “Bog Wave”

My gosh, can you believe this?

They plan to use an office park to subsidize the “wellness center.”  An office park back in those quiet, narrow streets off Highway 1 will generate a massive stream of car traffic every day on streets that were not designed for it.  The developer must be planning to widen the streets?  There’s no other way a project like this could work