Letter: Coastside Children’s Programs preschool opens in Montara

By on Fri, June 5, 2009

Coastside Childrens’ Programs Preschool in Montara (at the Farallone View Elementary School campus in our CCP building) opened June 1.
Over the years we’ve received interest about a preschool in that area (as you know, we have our current preschool in HMB at the Community United Methodist Church – unaffiliated with the Church).
We got to work and were successful in securing funding from the SmartKids Preschool Expansion Fund. We also got some facility rehabilitation funding from CDBG (community development block grant from San Mateo County).
So, we now have a new preschool classroom on the site of CCP Montara as well as a wonderful new preschool playground – complete with sandbox, climbing structure and tricycle path!

Please feel free to visit - our preschool philosophy is that Children learn through experience and play. Children constantly grow and change physically, socially, emotionally, creatively, intellectually and cognitively. These changes are consistent, yet individual to each child. It is our goal to guide children toward success by creating an environment that facilitates growth, strengthens individuality, and promotes creative freedom through a blend of teacher-directed activities and child-initiated activities.
We also follow a ‘family support’ model which is one that partners with parents to benefit children. We expect families to participate in their child’s experience and development at preschool and we work with parents to meet the individual needs of each child.
And, parents who have elementary students attending FV Elementary who also have preschool-aged children now have the convenience of taking their children to one location.
We are happy to report that we are nearly full (we have room for 20 preschoolers) and if anyone is interested in touring the facility or seeing if there is availability (we are open M-F, 7 AM – 6 PM and parents can choose 2, 3, 4, or 5 days of care) they can feel free to contact our CCP Program Director Josephine Pritchard at 726-7413 (she is also copied above).

Here’s what our  CCP Preschool offers:

  • Highly qualified teachers trained in Early Childhood Education and deeply committed to children’s sense of security, growth and development
  • One-on-one, small-group and large-group experiences with a balance of spontaneous play, teacher-directed, and self-guided activities
  • Curriculum tailored to develop fine and large motor skills, and to introduce children to a variety of language, literature, music, art, science and nature experiences
  • Teachers that encourage self-expression and respond to children’s spontaneous interests
  • Age-appropriate, child-centered kindergarten readiness activities focused on beginning reading, writing and counting skills
  • Attractive outdoor environments and local "walking field trips"
  • A balance of rest/quiet time, indoor creative learning and vigorous outdoor play
  • Longevity in staff retention;  an average of 5+ years
  • Warm, respectful teacher-child interactions
  • Accreditation and curriculum that surpasses state standards
  • A family-friendly environment with respect for parent participation and preferences

In CCP’s preschool program…

  • Children feel safe;
  • Children feel motivated;
  • Children feel loved;
  • Individuality is nurtured;
  • Families are respected.

Taara Hoffman
Coastside Childrens’ Programs