Letter: Coastside school wish lists


By on Sun, October 19, 2008

We ask for a wish list from the schools every year to have our businesses help in getting them supplies and therefore supplementing their budget.  Since our businesses have been very helpful in the past, all the teachers jumped on the band wagon this year and gave extensive lists

If you are interested in supporting the schools by purchasing any of these supplies we would be most appreciative. If the item you are interested in is a computer or other piece of equipment, please contact Anne Bailey, Director of Technology, at 712-7127.

Charise McHugh
Half Moon Bay Coastside Chamber of Commerce

Following are the wish list items requested by teachers at each of the school sites.

El Granada
HP 6-L Toner
File cabinet
Electric pencil sharpener
1 ½ inch ruled chart tablets (25 sheets) numerous
Sentence Strips
#2 pencils
Post It’s -  large rectangles, and squares- numerous packs
index cards

Farallone View
12 playground balls (6 to 8 inches)
Kleenex (boxes and boxes)
12 rolls of paper towels
Lego Education people (30 LEGO people dressed to work in the community.)  These can be purchased at the Lego store at Hillsdale for $42.99.
Lego vehicles
10 rolls of scotch tape for a dispenser
60 sandwich size ziplock bags
12 jump ropes
12 hula hoops
Large bottles of hand sanitizer
Post it notes in various colors and sizes
Photo paper for the printer
Name badge labels
Inkjet printer cartridge color 95 /and black 97 for an hp deskjet 6540 printer
Copy paper (any and all amounts)
Paper clips
Color sharpie pens
Multicolor highlighters
1 color cartridge for HP DeskJet 950C.
1 black cartridge for HP DeskJet 950C.
Table wipes
Hand wipes
Glue sticks
Elmer’s glue bottles (small size)
#2 pencils
Gift certificates for ink printer cartridges
White board markers and white board erasers
PE equipment (balls, hoops, beanbags, jump ropes, etc.)
Farallone View (continued)
Wide-ruled lined paper (many packs!)
70 3x3 yellow post-it pads
Scotch tape rolls (clear)
Spiral bound notebooks
Reams of white 11x17 copy
6 Staplers
8.5x11 yellow legal pads of paper
Ink jet cartridges for 950c DeskJet (#78color and #45blk)
Overhead transparencies (that can be photocopied onto)
Clear slip covers – three ring transparent pockets
Post-It Notes (all sizes if possible) for Independent Reading Time
HP 98 & 93 Ink Cartridges
Composition Notebooks
Manilla File Folders
Plastic Dividers
$ to buy books
Black and color ink cartridges for an hp deskjet 940 C

Copy paper
Kleenex (boxes and boxes)
Paper towels
Hand wipes
Clorox wipes
X-ACTO school pro pencil sharpener
Ink cartridge for HP Laserjet 1160 (needs a model HP 49A Laserjet Q5949A cartridge)
Chart paper (from Office Depot size 2’6"x2’1" wide)
Dixon Ticonderogra pencils (100 if possible)
Hand sanitizer
Copy paper (any and all amounts)
Construction paper, assorted colors , regular and large size
Dry erase markers (20), dark colors
Color coded double six dominoes or dominoes classroom basics set (found at www.etacuisinaire.com
Three Bear Family Counters Classroom Basics Kit (same sight)
ManipuLite Two Color Counters Classroom Basics Kits (same sight)
Info Trek en espanol Kindergarten Spanish Classroom Package (same sight, includes six copies each of 12 titles in Spanish) or from Club Leo (included in this package)
Jump ropes (www.SmileMakers.com)
Body Poetry Yoga Cards, and Body Poetry Animal Action Cards (same as above)
School Bus Treasure Chest (for rewards, same site as above)
Craft Sticks (same as above)
Bilingual carpet that can fit all children (www.abcschoolsupply.com)
4 Childcraft Economy Short of Long Sleeve Smocks (www.childcraft.com)
Childcraft Classroom Collage Kit (same sight at above)
Play dough and cutter set (same as above)
Lego Basic medium bricks or similar building blocks (same signt)
Hatch (continued)
Floor puzzles
24 pack colored pencils (up to 10)
Large pink erasers (pink pearl type, 1-2 boxes or 10-20 total
Brother printer toner cartridge (toner TN-350)
Boston electric pencil sharpener
Air dry sculpting clay
Colored printer paper
A-Z Mysteries (series books)
Cam Jansen books
Three laptops like Dell or Classmate PC (a teacher can dream, right?)
35 small balls of twine or string
Filler paper-wide ruled
Regular pencils
Colored pencils
Small notebooks (hand sized)
60x60 wall screen $105 (Office Depot)
3 medium foam rubber balls $40
Copier transparencies
Black white board markers
Multiple post it notes for each student (I have 20 students)
In cartridges- HP #21 and Lexmark #1
Prizes for students
Special pencils for all occasions
Donations to help purchase an overhead Lexicon reader
Simple gift certificates to local stores as prizes for students, eg. Baskin Robbins, Round Table, etc.
1 white board mounted on wall 8ft.x4ft.
20 pink pearl erasers
20 jumbo pencils
20 plastic blue folders
20 one inch white binders
20 student dry erase whiteboards (www.callowayhouse.com or 1-800-233-0290
Write on/wipe off graphs (same as above)
Deluxe listening center (same as above)
20 black dry erase markers
Wide ruled lined paper
Colored tissue paper for art projects
Colored markers
Water color paint set (20)
Books for 1st and 2nd grade levels
Large chart paper
Fake money (for math)
Printer ink Deskjet 540 or new printer
Chart tablets, 1" ruled; 24"x16"
Round classroom tables (44"), need four but will take any
Flat computer screen
Bookshelves: 36" wide x 40"tall; 48"w x 40" tall; 40"w x 22" tall
Hatch (continued)
Book Jacket Covers, 9" roll, 10" roll, 12" roll (page 39www.thelibrarystore.com)
Clear Label Protectors, 2"x3", two rolls (page 8 same as above)
Book Protection Tape, 2" x 15 yds., 12 rolls (page 43 same as above)
Crayola crayons-24 crayons per box
Construction paper 9x12 (red, black, sky blue)
Construction paper 12x18 (white, yellow, sky blue)
Dry erase markers
Good quality pencil sharpeners (one per child)
Pack of sentence strips

* plain Kleenex (boxes and boxes)
* reams copy paper , white 81/2 x 11 25 LB (any and all amounts)
reams color copy paper 8 ½ x 11 all colors
manila file folders 1/3 cut
HP C8061X
low odor dry erase marker
low odor dry erase board cleaners
*#2 lead pencils
blue ink pens
red ink pens
buff colored chalk
note cards 3 x 5
*sticky notes 3x3
*sticky notes 1x1
legal pads
color markers non toxic
*white out
*standard staples
*High demand supplies
7 laptops (to play DVD’s for new books)
1 DVD player
1 cord for DVD
6 smartboards
5 mimio pads or wireless tablets
1 site license for Easy Grade Pro
2 digital cameras
5 laptops
2 digital cameras
New printer
Digital video camera and computer
Projection screen
HMBHS (continued)
Portable CD/cassette player
25 Spanish/English dictionaries
LCD bulb-Panasonic #ET-LAB10
Ohaus Hanging Pan Balance
Stereomicroscope with 10X and 30X magnification
24" lab stools
Little things-
Toner cartridges
White board markers
Blank DVDs
Poster board
Colored pencils
Dry erase markers
Pencil sharpener
Glue sticks
Colored construction paper
Electric pencil sharpener
7 cases of copy paper
Subscription to SF Chronicle
Big things-
2 DVD/VCR combos
$ for a video library
Thumb drives (4gb or larger)
DVD burner
DC burner
Updated computers
Video camera with tripod
Scantron machine
Easy Grade Pro
3 large, new, 9 ½ x 6 ft. National Geographic World Maps
Small, portable white board
Mexican Flag
DVDs on democracy in Greece and Rome, renaissance, reformation
White boards
Maps with stand
Remote mice x6
Replacement LCD bulbs
Toner cartridges for all printers
HP Laser Jet printer P2015 dn monochrome printer, Office Depot
Magazine subscriptions—Fitness, TIME, Smithsonian, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, National Geographic, US News & World Report, ESPN, Seventeen, Latina
(all can be ordered through Cunha magazine drive except Latina)
Colored pencils
HMBHS (continued)
Glue sticks
Lined binder paper
3x5 ruled index cards
409 spray
Rubber bands
Paper towels
Facial tissues
Industrial arts:
LCD projector
$500 for Ocean Shore Hardware or Twice as Nice (for supplies)

Special Ed. Dept
Diaper disposal container with cover
Disposable gloves, medium, one year supply (1500)
Matchword, a language development tool, includes teachers guide and CD from McGraw Hill, Wright Group, ISBN 0322037514
One PowerLink 3 control unit (http://www.ablenetinc.com/Store
Small harness for Hoyer Lift
Boombox with earphones
Greg and Steve CD
Raffi CD
Felt board 3x4 or 4x6
Magnedoodles (similar to etchasketch but uses a pen
Food Bingo (Lakeshore)
Plastic food items (Lakeshore or Morrisons)
Cash register with calculator (Learning Resources)
Wrapper Snapper from a therapy catalog
Switch, lever, or button cause and effect toys
Foam blocks
Big legos
Nesting buckets or cubes
Big peg board with big pegs
Tempra paints
Water color paints
Big stamps and stamp pads (Lakeshore)
Do a Dot Art (Morrisons)
Big Bubble Bucket (Target)
Very simple wooden inlaid puzzles with knobs on the pieces
Vacuum Cleaner
Binder paper (wide ruled)
Colored pencils
HMBHS (continued)
Glass Coat White Board (4ft) –two
Printer cartridge for Lexmark E234-cartridge number 24015SA
Manila folders
Notebooks (3 ring)- sixty
Large binders –sixty
Head sets- four
New computers- four
$ for class set of new novels
$ for groceries for cooking activities
$ for new math textbooks- fifteen
Cart for LCD projector
Large round table, bigger than 60"
New speakers for computer
10 sets of microphone and earphone headsets for computers
Five office milk crates to hang folders in
Four suggestion boxes that are wall mountable with a space to put a small lock on it
LCD monitor for computer

For football coach
blank DVC’s (digital video cassettes):  Use about 30/season on scout and game films.
medical supplies: band aides (all sizes), neosporin, anything found in a first aide kit
Hardware (x4): multi purpose screw drivers, plyers, scissors.  Helmet and gear repair.
Larger wish: Video camera with hard drive and/or cassette.  We need another camera; one camera films here and we usually need to film another two scout games during the same time.
Filmers: anyone willing to film scout games for us wold be much needed.
Donations always welcome too!  made to "the Cardiac Club"