Letter: Is anyone interested in setting up a Coastside victory garden?


By on Mon, April 27, 2009


With all the buzz about getting back to local farming and all, it has me thinking about it too. Those of you who have been to Europe have probably seen "victory gardens", or "community gardens". I know there are gardens like this around the U.S. too. My husband and I lived in Sweden for a few years where these gardens were such community gems! They could be very pretty, people could gather there, work the land, socialize a bit and soak up the sun. (which is a valuable commodity up there I must say.)

Is there a chance that our community here could start such a garden? I know there was a time when that plot of land just to the south of Farmer John’s place, was going to consider becoming an educational garden or something along those lines. I wonder if there is a land owner around town that would consider renting plots to folks who would like to try their hand at growing food and flowers for their families.

Sara Nebeling