Letter: MCC trails meeting, Weds


By on Sat, April 11, 2009

The Midcoast Community Council is holding a Coastal Trails meeting, Wednesday, May 13.

The MCC is particularly interested in connecting various existing Coastside trails, trails in development and future trails to form one interconnecting trail system. 

Trails provide demonstrated benefits to individuals and communities, health and fitness, active transportation, economic development and environmental stewardship.


  • Increase transportation options and reduce auto travel.
  • Offer opportunities to observe, learn about and care for the environment.
  • Offer economic benefits such as increased tourism and increased property values.
  • Provide opportunities for solitude, passive and active recreation, including promoting fitness through healthy exercise.

The goal of the meeting is to inform and update the Coastside community about trail progress, trail funding, trail mapping, provide resources for community involvement and to discuss the current and future Coastside Trail System.  Guests speakers include County Parks Director Dave Holland, GGNRA, POST and others.  

Seton Coastside, 600 Marine Blvd, Moss Beach

Sabrina Brennan