Letter: Spring into action with early non-native annual plant removal, Saturday


By on Fri, March 6, 2009


The Coastside Land Trust will hold a Francis Beach restoration event this coming Saturday, March 7, 12:30–3pm. We’ll identify native and invasive plants, discuss strategies for drought survival, and selectively remove invasive plants to help our natives thrive.

The best time to remove early spring non-native plants is before their roots are well-established and before they start to produce seeds. This Saturday, after a discussion of native and invasive plant strategies for surviving drought, we will identify non-native and native plants and selectively remove non-natives to help our natives thrive. 

Please join us; children and families always welcome. Check in at the Francis State Beach kiosk at Kelly and the Pacific Ocean, and proceed north on the maintenance road to the maintenance sheds. Our properties are on the east side of the maintenance road. Refreshments, California Poppy seeds, good humor and appreciation are provided for all ages and abilities.

Jo Chamberlain