Letter: Workshop Monday night for proposed subdivision near Farallone View

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Posted by on Sat, March 17, 2007

San Mateo County
Farallone View Elementary is at the top of the picture. The proposed new lots run at an angle below Farallone View. Click for larger version.
A slightly different view of the same area from Google Maps.

There will be a workshop Monday evening to discuss a proposed seven-house subdivision near Farallone View Elementary in Montara. The workshop will be in the Farallone View multipurpose room from 5:30 to 7:00pm.

A major subdivision of seven houses is proposed. This proposed subdivision would be the equivalent of a block in length and would be built on a proposed extension of Kanoff Avenue. The proposed extension would start at the tiny portion of Kanoff north of (and parallel to) Second Street. It has two houses on it. Six lots would be 7,200 sq. ft., one is 7,658 sq. ft.

This "new" portion of Kanoff Avenue would run on an angle between Farallone View Elementary School and Third Street to Le Conte Avenue. There it would join into Third Street. Third Street’s name changes to Kanoff Avenue at Le Conte. (Kanoff Avenue—also known as Third Avenue—runs for about two blocks, and then the street name changes to George Street.)

At Kanoff Avenue north of Second Street, the proposed Major Subdivision is adjacent to open space land. Locals refer to the area as "the wetlands." A portion of the new street (which is on an angle) is between Cabrillo School District Land and Third Avenue.

The purpose of the pre-application workshop is to provide for and foster early public involvement and input before the applicant submits the necessary planning applications initiating the County’s formal review process. The developer is Ken Menasco of 14366 Antone Court, San Leandro, CA 94578

A map showing the location of this proposed Major Subdivision has been provided to the Coastsider to post on the website.

If you would like to provide input/concerns/viewpoint for an article in the Half Moon Bay Review, contact:

726-4424 - Nick Casey, Half Moon Bay Review

726-7054 - FAX number to send FAX to Nick Casey

If questions, suggested individuals to contact are:

650-363-1829 - Matt Seubert, Project Planner, Planning & Building Dept

650-363-1930 - Jim Eggemeyer, head of the Planning & Building Dept

650-363-4569 - Supervisor Gordon, with the Dept of Supervisors

Martha W. Puff

I love the idea.

Humans as a species need to be more a part of the evolutionary selection process.

Turning that four-way intersection just as you approach the school—already getting dangerous for those kids who walk to school—into a FIVE-way is a stroke of genius!

Think of all those drivers, turning aggressive under the pressure to get their kids to school on time. Think of them as they turn aggressive trying to get out of the snarl, turning down Third or now Second as they can, to get to work on time.

A five-way isn’t 1/4th worse than a four-way, it’s more like a tenfold increase in accident potential.

The slow kids, the unobservant kids, the plain old dumb kids won’t have a chance!

Charles Darwin—wait, make that Herbert Spencer—would be proud.


Saw this one in an earlier incarnation—just more evidence that bad ideas never die.

Carl May

Under current county policy each of these units could have a second unit - the traffic and congestion could be twice as bad.  I beleive that every new subdivision needs to be evaluated at the highest probable density.

The road will be running over a creek that runs into the wetlands on the north side of Montara.  Everyone living in Second St should be come and ask what will happed to the increased runoffgenerated by the homes, associated impervious surfaces and the new roadL It could flood 2nd St. and lower areas.

I encurage everyone reading this, from Pacifica, Half Moon Bay, and all areas in between to come and find out about this project.


Though I don’t think too highly of building more homes, and I do live on 2nd St. I have to say… Gee I’ll so miss the “dog crap trail” that runs across this property and pollutes the adjacent creek…the same one that ‘feeds’ the wetlands. I’m pretty sure the run-off from homes won’t be so offensive. Seriously, try walking on this trail without watching your step! It slays me that so many people think they care about the environment and the mountain here in Montara but NEVER seem to pick up after thier free roaming dogs (there is a leash law and not every body likes dogs-though I own one myself.) But I digress; a five way intersection sounds pretty ridiculous along with more homes and traffic but I can imagine that it could happen. The county board of supervisors has demonstated they don’t care much about the coast, if the amount of approved homes over the last eight years is any indication. By the way, several of the homes on 2nd street have “second’ units but they don’t really impact the nieghborhood much. I think this is mostly because it’s not a “through” street. Oh and 2nd St. already has run-off problems because it’s not paved and the culverts are not defined very well. Perhaps a condition of development could be mitigating run-off issues.  Just my two cents