Life rings have been placed at Montara State Beach


By on Fri, July 24, 2009

Two life rings have been placed on the backs of the posts of the new warning signs at the south end of Montara State Beach.  They are hard to miss.

These are unofficial (volunteer, out of pocket) placements.

The life rings are uscg certified and are paired with 60ft nylon tethers, the general purpose of which are to enable near-shore water rescue attempts to be made without necessitating the prospective rescuer enter the water.

Human nature being as varied as it is, one cannot ignore the likelyhood that these placements may over time be vandalized, abused, or simply stolen.

Anyone inclined to replace them or obtain related equipment can do so by ordering from marine rescue products, inc.  (800) 341 9500, which is where these items were obtained.

No equivalent placement has been made upon the north end of the beach at the public access point.  These placements are specifically targeted at the south end because that is where the most dangerous and recurring currents are, and where most people tend to congregate upon the beach.