Mac users can’t pay traffic tickets online in San Mateo County


Posted by on Tue, March 10, 2009

San Mateo County is progressive enough that they’ll let you pay your traffic tickets online. As long as you don’t have a Mac.  The website:

only works for Internet Explorer. There hasn’t been a version of Explorer for the Mac since about 2005.

Not to mention the fact that only a nincompoop only designs for IE, or that Firefox is produced right here in the Bay Area.

Well, don’t get a traffic ticket, then….

It looks to me like the browser warning is static. Maybe it works with Safari/Firefox anyway?

Good advice. If only I’d known I couldn’t pay it online, I wouldn’t have gotten the ticket in the first place.

I agree the warning may not even be accurate any longer—if it ever was. I also got it with IE 7, once I fired up Windows.

Resolved: only get parking tickets in SF?

Has anyone actually checked out Firefox on the site? It works fine on other parts of County sites.

I primarily use Firefox on Linux, Mac and MS - common interface, security, control, etc. IE only when compelled, primarily on MS developer’s site.

Ken Johnson

There is a plug in for Firefox called IEtab.
This addon will allow u to render any web page with an IE engine inside of Firefox. This is for Windows.

For macs there is IE view that needs to be tweaked a little to work for macs.

How can I use IE View in Mac OSX?

  Courtesy of user Tim Hammerquist:

  To open sites in (for example) Safari, in the IE View | Options window, enter:
  IE Location:    /usr/bin/open
  Arguments:    -a Safari


Thanks, Tim!  My solution has been to keep a current copy of VMWare’s Fusion on my Mac.  It creates a virtual Windows machine, from which I can do any of the “Windows Only” things.

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Fri, March 13, 2009 12:19pm
Tim Payne
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That is a great way to make life easy using a Mac. The only problem with VMware is that a big portion of users aren’t as comfortable as you doing things like that. I found that the Bootcamp stuff was a little easier for most people. Both are great solutions.
Did you try that IE view hack ?