Mavericks public safety meeting tonight in Princeton

Posted by on Wed, October 21, 2009

Mavericks Surf Contest will discuss plans to ensure public safety and manage the expected crowds tonight.

County officials and other local agencies will discuss the detailed public safety plan on Wednesday, October 21 at 7 p.m. during a public meeting at the Oceano Hotel at 280 Capistrano Road in Princeton.

Members of the public and media will be able to ask detailed questions to members of the San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office, California Highway Patrol, San Mateo County Harbor District, and the event producer Mavericks Surf Ventures. Representatives from other agencies also will be on hand to answer questions.

The contest cannot be seen from land, but video monitors will be set up for surf fans.

Other than recycling and trash cleanup what is Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc. doing to help the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve?

Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc. website:

João De Macedo is the part-time Eco Manager of Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc. and the full-time Program Manager at Save the Waves Coalition. 

João de Macedo’s Twitter account:
Save the Waves Coalition website:

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Thu, October 22, 2009 10:13am
Lisa Ketcham
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It was my understanding that the surf contest people provided financing & volunteers for the pampas grass eradication on Air Force property in 2008 and would be doing followup work and planting this fall.  Sorry I couldn’t attend the meeting.  Was there an update on that project?

Hello Lisa,

The pampas grass eradication project was not discussed during the meeting.  I asked organizer Katherine Kelly Clark what the contest was doing to give back to the Fitzgerald Marine Reserve and she didn’t have any specifics.  She did say that João De Macedo is the part-time Eco Manager of Mavericks Surf Ventures, Inc. Maybe he is the guy to ask about this.