MCC takes up PEG contract, variances, and Traffic & Trails, Wednesday

By on Sun, May 8, 2011

The Midcoast Community Council will meet Wednesday, May 11, 2011 7:30pm at Seton Medical Center Coastside, Marine Boulevard & Etheldore, Moss Beach. Take Highway 1 to Marine Boulevard and follow hospital signs uphill. MCC attendees must park in upper parking lot per hospital policy.


  • PEG TV - Coastside – 7:45 Jim Porter, Director of Department of Public Works will discuss the contract and the overall schedule.
  • Variances –  8:15 Review: Draft letter
  • Traffic and Trails – 8:30 Review and Vote to Forward: Comments on the C/CAG Comprehensive Bicycle/Pedestrian Plan (Bill Kehoe) Comments: Bike/Pedestrian Crossings - Devil’s Slide & Other (Len Erickson) Comments: Highway 1 Citizen’s Committee/Traffic & Trails South Implementation (Len Erickson) Comments: LCP and Highway 1 Capacity and Level of Service (Len Erickson) Comments: Expressway Status (David Vespremi) Comments: Roundabouts (Bill Kehoe)

Tentative upcoming MCC items

May 25

  • PEG TV – Recommendation to the Board of Supervisors
  • Highway 1 Pedestrian Crossings (TBD)

June 8

  • Highway 1: T&T Report and Implementation

Roadmap to Transportation Management Plan

Mid-Year Retreat

July 12

  • Princeton / Airport Overlay Plan Update – (Steve Monowitz)
  • Harbor: Plans and Update