MCTV reform effort moves forward in MCC, HMB

By on Wed, October 21, 2009

Last week, I made a presentation about why MCTV needs to be reformed and what could be done at the Midcoast Community Council.

The meeting was prompted by the Grand Jury’s report on MCTV.

I’ve covered this ground before, but if you’re interested in seeing my presentation and that of MCTV attorney and husband of the Station Manager Mike Day, we’re fortunate to have have great video from Darin Boville of Montara Fog, because MCTV does not put MCC videos online. Darin also has a link a copy of my presentation to the council.

The MCC will be holding a special meeting in the near future to discuss the text of a letter they’ll be sending to the county Board of Supervisors on this issue.

The county and the city of Half Moon Bay both have agreements with MCTV allowing them to operate Comcast Channel 6 on the Coastside. At its October 13 meeting, the Half Moon Bay City Council decided to coordinate their contract with the county. However, MCTV cablecast the meeting without sound and the recording is not available on the station’s website.