Measure K, No Way! Bad for business in Half Moon Bay


By on Mon, October 11, 2010

I am very displeased with the Measure K "bail-out" for the Half Moon Bay City Council. I have friends who own small businesses in Hlaf Moon Bay, and I feel sorry for the negative effects this measure if passed, will have on their sales.

I just don’t see the reasoning for taxing tourists and MidCoasters for the mistakes of the past City Councils. It seems the Coastside Chamber of Commerce even "weighed in" on that one wrong. Instead of ensuring that Main Street looks busy and enticing (and less like a ghost town) they "went along" with the crazy 1% tax idea with the reasoning that by paying police salaries with a tourist tax it will somehow be (eventually) good for business.

It’s difficult enough to sell homes located in HMB, with the town’s uncertain future, but to knowingly buy a home in a town that has an extra 1% "Stupidity" sales tax just for the "pleasure" of shopping there? What sort of incentive is that to move there to live, I ask?

In fact, perhaps Half Moon Bay should think up some incentives for people to shop there at all—it’s not the traffic!