Midcoast Parks & Recreation Committee meeting, Monday

By on Sun, February 1, 2009

The Midcoast Parks & Recreation Committee will meet Monday night February 2 from 7 to 8:30pm at the Harbor House, 346 Princeton Ave, in Princeton [Google map] to discuss ten objectives:

  • Coastal Trail: Completion from Mirada Surf, through Princeton, to the Pillar Point Bluff segment of the Trail.
  • Mirada Surf West: Vault toilet on the Mirada Surf West portion of the coastal trail.
  • Pillar Point: Replace old porta-potty with new vault toilet.
  • Recreation Programs: The Midcoast should support and actively contribute to the Half Moon Bay Parks and Recreation department program framework.
  • Moss Beach Park: Establish a restroom facility and drinking fountain at Moss Beach Park.  Create a go ahead plan that resolves the water issue.
  • Farallone View School Playfield: implement the renovation project.
  • Playfield Planning: Do preliminary planning to expand recreation resources adjacent to the school playfields.
  • Highway 1 Corridor South:  This region extends from Miramar to the south edge of the airport.  A grant has been approved to develop a plan for highway crossings and trail alignment (including a bicycle commuter trail).
  • Highway 1 Corridor North: Seek similar (see #8) grant for the northern corridor extending from the airport to the new tunnel.
  • Governance: Provide Midcoast citizens with information regarding various parks and recreation governance options.  Provide an assessment of public response to governance options to determine the preferred option