Animal entrapment in Montara


By on Thu, August 19, 2010

Ten minutes ago, i heard an animal wailing and crying in a pitiful way. I got my flashlight and went out at 9:30 pm and found a small 12 inch poodle dog caught in an animal trap. The trap probably was designed to catch feral cats.

I don’t know who is doing this, but it seems very mean and cruel.

Small dogs go by our home every day and they cause no harm to any one. For them to end up in a trap seems mean. The dog owner was out with me searching and was very relieved to find his little love one, once it was freed from the cage entrapment.

To my knowledge there are only two cats that are generally outside our area 1) The lovable and friendly clyde that belongs to julie and her husband and 2) The healthy and active orange cat that belongs to gia and brady. Neither of these cats deserve to be trapped and taken to the pound.They are not feral, they have homes and owners.

There are no other cats, except ours colette, who is rarely outside. So i ask, "what is the problem? And why are you setting traps? These traps can get any small creature, not just unwanted ones?"

If anyone can explain, please let me know.