Montara Fog releases candidate videos

By on Mon, October 5, 2009

Darin Boville of Montara Fog has released a set of videos of candidates for Coastside boards. This is an impressive piece of work that gives us all an opportunity to see each candidate in a different setting.

We’re linking to those videos and will use these posts as the place to discuss the individual races on Coastsider.

Darin’s instructions were simple:

I advise most candidates to stick with the basic three questions: Why are you qualified for this position?, What are the major problems facing [your government body]?, How will you address those problems? Feel free to do anything you want but remember to keep it compelling. This is your chance to speak directly to the voters. ...

I’ll edit only for these specific reasons: 1) The total finished time exceeds five minutes, 2) I select one take over another take covering the same material, or 3) I delete a portion due to unsubstantiated attacks on another candidate. Thus, the video will be essentially uncut, with no editorial management by me.

We’ll release these in a separate story for each board, allowing you to discuss the candidates as a group.

Not every candidate agreed to be in a video, but most are there.