Montara Residents Needed for Corral de Tiera Subcommittee


By on Tue, January 4, 2011

At our last MCC meeting on Dec 8 when the GGNRA presented information on Rancho Corral de Tiera (RCdT) there was a large group of residents from Clipper Ridge who were upset by the intrusion of the Coral Reef portal on their neighborhood. Surprisingly, there were none from Montara addressing the Le Conte Portal which will bring visitors right past Farallone View Elementary School.

Most of the local residents voiced concern about the affect on their neighborhood (traffic, parking, safety, etc) and the fact that the National Park Service (NPS) did not even try to include the local residents in the process. I am assuming that the lack of Montara people at the meeting was due to a lack of publicizing our meeting or they do not know about the NPS’s plans. I am now reaching out to the community to hear their opinions.

I would like to ask Montara residents and all coastsiders who actively want to help the MCC and NPS identify alternatives. I am in the process of setting up an ad hoc subcommittee to help organize residents who will be the most affected by the current plans and others concerned with better access for all. The working group can meet with the NPS and other organizations to help in planning the new park’s integration into our coastside community. The goal of the subcommittee is to help research alternative locations, communicate information to their neighbors, and provide feedback to the MCC and NPS.

Please contact me [email protected]