Moon News slow-motion closing marked

By on Mon, April 13, 2009

Moon News’s ongoing going-out-of-business sale gets a good treatment from Julia Scott in the County Times, who notes that a new store is rising to take its place.

For Mark Sipowicz, owner of the soon-to-be closed Moon News Bookstore, saying goodbye to the customers he has known for the past 12 years has been like losing an entire family — and the home they built together.

"It’s been humbling to stand here every day and listen to people express their disappointment and say, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry. What are we going to do?’" said Sipowicz, who is sad, not bitter, about the toll the local economy has taken on his business. ...

Book-lovers will be heartened to know that another book seller, Harbor Bookstore, will attempt to fill the shoes left behind by Moon News later this month when it opens at the Harbor Village shopping center in Princeton-by-the-Sea. The bookstore’s owner, Carol Brehm, worked at Moon News for 10 years, according to landlord Keet Nerhan.