Moss Beach Water Wars Carry On Unabated


By on Sat, September 5, 2009

I sold my home in Moss Beach in 2005 and moved away. On my recent visit to see friends on the Coastside, I was surprised and bemused to see a water drilling operation on the property at the corner of Admiralty and Stetson.

I was one of the lucky homeowners in Moss Beach with municipal water service. My next door neighbor to the south was not so lucky, and I was regularly forced to violate the law and connect his home with my garden hose, out of a sense of human decency. The house to north, built recently, was a product of an elaborate scheme by local Moss Beach firemen, involving the PUC and the County, to swap a water meter on a Montara property and drill a well. The property to the north of me had been drilled numerous times and come up dry. That scheme was the last of its type as the water board put an end to that loophole.

So it was with no small amount of bemusement and surprise that I had a deja vu moment at the sight of another drilling rig in Moss Beach. One of the same local conspirators involved in the last scheme is the suspect. So, I for one am hoping for a bit of poetic justice and that he comes up dry and loses his investment…as Stetson Street has that reputation for water wells…as well as a reputation for water monkey business at the expense of everyone else in the community.

David Mayes