MROSD contributes to La Honda Fire Department vehicle

Press release

By on Fri, April 10, 2009

The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District approved $50,000 to be used towards the purchase of a new emergency vehicle for the La Honda Fire Brigade, an all-volunteer fire department serving the San Mateo County Coastside area.

When the District incorporated the Coastside into its boundaries in 2004, it agreed to work cooperatively with the county in providing fire and emergency services to the area. In 2007, the District donated $50,000 to the county for the purchase of a new fire engine for La Honda Fire. However, when Fire Chief Larry Whitney discovered that accepting the District’s donation for an engine meant repaying part of a federal grant, he and the District worked together allocating the money towards a new emergency vehicle instead. Once the county approves a vendor, the new vehicle can be ordered for delivery later this year. The California Office of Traffic and Safety, San Mateo County and La Honda Fire are also contributing to the purchase.

"I enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with Chief Whitney, and to help enhance emergency services for our Coastside neighbors," said the District’s General Manager Stephen Abbors. 

The new, four-wheel drive emergency vehicle will respond to non-fire emergencies including traffic accidents, cliff rescues, water rescues and hazardous material investigations. It will be better suited for transporting patients to an ambulance and accessing interior areas of the open space preserves. La Honda Fire’s current 15-year-old emergency vehicle responds to hundreds of calls annually.

"This is the vehicle that makes the biggest difference in the lives of both visitors and our permanent population," said Larry Whitney. "Its mission is to protect lives and rescue people."