Devil’s Slide is closed


By on Fri, January 25, 2008

Devil’s Slide is closed. When it was closed and for how long is still unclear.

At 3pm today, Devil’s Slide was closed in both directions, according to John Cunliffe at Caltrans. Cunliffe says crews were on the Slide to remove boulders that had fallen onto the road south of the Slide. Other crews are on the Slide dealing with storm water and checking the main monitoring system.

It’s a good idea to stay off the Slide if you can avoid it, or to check the status of the road with before heading over the Slide.

UPDATE: Lt. Ken Jones at the Sheriff’s substation in Moss Beach told us 5:30pm that Caltrans is on the Slide with heavy equipment, clearing the road right now. They estimate it will take a minimum 3 hours to clear. Be sure to check before you leave.