No election for MCC, MWSD; Elections for CFPD, CCWD, GSD

Posted by on Wed, August 12, 2009

As of today’s final deadline, only three candidates filed for the four open positions on the Midcoast Community Council. Montara Water and Sanitary District’s deadline was not extended, with three incumbents running for three open seats. There will be no election for these two boards.

County Coastside Water District has three candidates for two open positions.

Coastside Fire Protection District has seven candidates for three seats.

Granada Sanitary District has five candidates for three open positions.

Full rosters after the jump.

Coastside County Water District (Two 4-Year Terms)

Jerry Donovan (Retired Police Officer) Half Moon Bay, 94019 (res.); [email protected]; DCF 8/06

Chris R. Mickelsen (Incumbent) DCF 8/06

James D. Johnson (Management Consultant) [email protected]; DCF 7/16

Coastside Fire Protection District (Three 4-Year Terms)

Ginny McShane (Incumbent) 723 Etheldore Street, Moss Beach, 94038 (res.); [email protected]; (650) 728-3130 (day); DCF 8/04

Gary Burke (Incumbent) 421 Greenbrier Road, Half Moon Bay, 94019 (res.); (650) 303-7144 (day); DCF 8/03

Max De Vos (Business Owner) DCF 8/05

David Eufusia (Retired Fire Chief) DCF 8/06

Jeffrey B. Cockrell (Appointed Incumbent) P O Box 1270, Montara, 94037 (mail); [email protected]; (650) 728-3933 (day); (650) 728-3933
(eve); DCI 8/05

Gary Riddell (Retired Firefighter) P.O. Box 370040, Montara, 94037 (mail); (650) 728-7809 (day); DCF 8/05

Charles Netherby (Retired Union Representative) Half Moon Bay, 94019 (res.); [email protected]; (650) 712-1848 (day); (650) 712-1848
(eve); DCF 7/31

Granada Sanitary District (Three 4-Year Terms)

Ric Lohman (Incumbent) 420 1st Avenue, El Granada, 94019 (res.); [email protected]; (415) 734-2039 (day); (650) 726-9607 (eve); DCF 8/04

Lisa McCaffrey (Registered Nurse) P.O. Box 2384, El Granada, 94018 (mail); lisamccaffreyr[email protected]; (650) 712-0116 (day); DCF 8/07

Bill Griffis (Residential Mortgage Consultant) P.O. Box 1792, El Granada, 94018 (mail); [email protected]; DCF 8/07

Leonard Woren (Software Engineer) P.O. Box 1375, El Granada, 94018 (mail); [email protected]; (650) 726-9647 (day); DCF 8/06

Gael Erickson (Incumbent) PO Box 2905, El Granada, 94018 (mail); [email protected]; (650) 726-4416 (day); (650) 726-4416 (eve); DCF 8/06

Midcoast Community Council (Four 4-Year Terms)

David Vespremi (Attorney at Law) DCF 8/12

Len Erickson (None) P.O. Box 2905, El Granada, 94018 (mail); [email protected]; (650) 400-3175 (day); DCF 8/06

Tim Payne (None) P.O. Box 370507, Montara, 94037 (mail); [email protected]; (650) 539-5678 (day); DCF 8/07

Montara Water and Sanitary District (Three 4-Year Terms)

Bob Ptacek (Incumbent) P.O. Box 371441, Montara, 94037 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 728-5958 (day); DCF 8/06

Jim Harvey (Incumbent) [email protected]; (650) 728-3665 (eve); DCF 7/13

Paul Perkovic (Incumbent) P.O. Box 371149, Montara, 94037-1149 (mail);  [email protected]; (415) 370-3897 (day); DCF 7/13

Legend: DCI=Declaration of Candidacy Issued; DCF=Declaration of Candidacy Filed;

OMG what a terrible headline.

I agree with you.  But why do you think Leonard Woren listed himself as “software engineer” instead of “incumbent”? All the other incumbents are listed as such.

I can see no disadvantage to incumbency in that race.  It’s probably an oversight. But it sounds like you have a theory, Joel.

No theory, just wondering. Usually, incumbency is an advantage. You know, taking credit for all that’s been accomplished.

Comment 5
Thu, August 13, 2009 2:58pm
Carl May
All my comments

Leonard has been elected enough times and has served on the GSD long enough to know what he is doing and will be doing going forward.

And that answers the question how?

Comment 7
Fri, August 14, 2009 2:03pm
Carl May
All my comments

Option is up to Leonard. Take it for what it is.

My candidate statement itself makes it crystal clear that I’m an incumbent.  If it were allowed, I would have put “software engineer / incumbent”, but it’s not allowed.  (Note that in the 2005 election I put “software developer”, basically the same thing.  I don’t remember what I put in 2001 and I lost those materials in a disc crash in 2002.)  Anyway, I figure that any voter in GSD who doesn’t know that I’m on the GSD board either recently moved here or is very carefully avoiding following local politics.

The real reason that I didn’t put “incumbent” is that I very much dislike the whole concept of politics as a profession (there should be NO full-time politicians), and to me “incumbent” implies that one does not have a real job.  (Why doesn’t Joel pick on the two candidates who didn’t list any ballot designation at all?)

Joel continues on his years-long mission to look for every possible way to throw dirt at me.  If all he can come up with at this point is to question why I didn’t use a ballot designation of “incumbent”, I think I’m in good shape.

I appreciate Leonard’s insights, but I could have done without the allegations. The fact that I think he is awful at representing the MidCoast is beside the point. But since he brought it up, please know that I have written Leonard private notes urging him to stop his negativity and his name-calling (it’s especially unflattering since he’s an elected representative). I cited his frequent rants, including all this dirt he’s thrown in his public writing:
“this is a scam… The Comcrap outage…”
“Calling people in ‘duck and run’ mode. The ‘spin and distortion’ is on.”
“You’re the “piece of work”.
“You’re clearly a ‘pave everything’ person who isn’t interested in rationality or truth or even a fair discussion.”
“He’s just plain lying”
“Why don’t you stop dodging…? It was disgusting then, and it’s still disgusting now.” 
“‘NO’ isn’t in the BoS vocabulary (except when the MCC requests something.)”
“There is no evidence other than (his) blathering”
“What planet are you on?”

THIS IS FROM JUST ONE MONTH of Leonard being Leonard, in his public writings!!! This is what we want from our elected representatives?

Again, I have not met anyone with more of a “CAN’T DO” attitude. I, for one, am glad that henceforth people will consider electing him to only one board.