No injuries in bad landing at HMB Airport

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Posted by on Mon, March 22, 2010

Leonard Woren
Crane attempts to move the damaged aircraft.
Leonard Woren
Note the dirt on the plane's propeller

Coastside emergency personnel were dispatched at 2:30pm this afternoon to respond to a small aircraft "crash" at Half Moon Bay Airport.

The San Mateo County Sheriff’s office reports that the accident was caused by a landing gear failure and that no one was injured.

The Half Moon Bay Review is reporting that the aircraft, "a Yak 3 Russian fighter—could be scene on the side of the runway. Airport workers who declined to be identified said the pilot was a Coastsider."

Good job it was not engine failure over a residential area.

I recognize that aircraft, and am glad he wasn’t hurt. I heard the sirens today, and am also happy that it didn’t land in our park.