No Mavericks this weekend

By on Thu, January 15, 2009

Rumors and hopes to the contrary notwithstanding, Mavericks will not take place this weekend, reports Channel 5.

A large swell had been monitored for the past week and reached Hawaii on Wednesday morning, prompting contest officials to consider Friday or Saturday as possible days for the big-wave contest, according to contest director Jeff Clark.

"It’s more likely that we’re not going to have a nice day," said Washburn, a San Francisco resident who has competed in every Mavericks Surf Contest since the competition’s creation in 1999.

"We want to have it be a really big day with great weather," he said. "There will probably be some really fun waves but it’s not going to be fire and brimstone."

Contest organizer Keir Beadling said, "Based on surf-forecasting models overnight, the swell will not be contestable."