No MWSD election this year, GSD election contested, others extended

By on Sat, August 8, 2009

Following the first deadline for filing to run for office, there were three candidates for three seats on the Montara Water and Sanitary District (MWSD) board, and five candidates for three seats on the Granada Sanitary District board.  The three incumbents in MWSD will be seated without an election.

The deadline for the other Coastside boards with open seats has been extended until Wednesday, August 12, because at least one incumbent did not file to run by the end of the day on Friday, August 7. Those boards are: County Coastside Water District, Coastside Fire Protection District, Half Moon Bay City Council,  Midcoast Community Council.

Here are the current candidate lists for each board. Half Moon Bay has not yet posted their (incomplete) candidate list online.

County Coastside Water District (Two 4-Year Terms / closes Aug 12)

Jerry Donovan (Retired Police Officer) Half Moon Bay, 94019 (res.);  [email protected]; DCF 8/06

James D. Johnson (Management Consultant) DCF 7/16

Chris R. Mickelsen (Incumbent) DCF 8/06

Coastside Fire Protection District (Three 4-Year Terms / closes Aug 12)

Jeffrey B Cockrell (Appointed Incumbent) P O Box 1270, Montara, 94037 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 728-3933 (day); (650) 728-3933 (eve); DCI 8/05

Max De Vos (Business Owner) DCF 8/05

David Eufusia (Retired Fire Chief) DCF 8/06

Gary Burke (Incumbent) 421 Greenbrier Road, Half Moon Bay, 94019 (res.); (650)  303-7144 (day); DCF 8/03

Charles Netherby (Retired Union Representative) Half Moon Bay, 94019 (res.);  [email protected]; (650) 712-1848 (day); (650) 712-1848 (eve); DCF 7/31

Ginny McShane (Incumbent) 723 Etheldore Street, Moss Beach, 94038 (res.);  [email protected]; (650) 728-3130 (day); DCF 8/04

Gary Riddell (Retired Firefighter) P.O. Box 370040, Montara, 94037 (mail); (650)  728-7809 (day); DCF 8/05

Granada Sanitary District (Three 4-Year Terms / FINAL)

Leonard Woren (Software Engineer) P.O. Box 1375, El Granada, 94018 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 726-9647 (day); DCF 8/06

Lisa McCaffrey (Registered Nurse) P.O. Box 2384, El Granada, 94018 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 712-0116 (day); DCF 8/07

Ric Lohman (Incumbent) 420 1st Avenue, El Granada, 94018 (res.);  [email protected]; (415) 734-2039 (day); (650) 726-9607 (eve); DCF 8/04

Bill Griffis (Residential Mortgage Consultant) P.O. Box 1792, El Granada, 94018 (mail); [email protected]; DCF 8/07

Gael Erickson (Incumbent) PO Box 2905, El Granada, 94018 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 726-4416 (day); (650) 726-4416 (eve); DCF 8/06

Midcoast Community Council (Four 4-Year Terms / closes Aug 12)

Tim Payne (None) P.O. Box 370507, Montara, 94037 (mail); [email protected];  (650) 539-5678 (day); DCF 8/07

Len Erickson (None) P.O. Box 2905, El Granada, 94018 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 400-3175 (day); DCF 8/06

Montara Water and Sanitary District (Three 4-Year Terms) (FINAL)

Bob Ptacek (Incumbent) P.O. Box 371441, Montara, 94037 (mail);  [email protected]; (650) 728-5958 (day); DCF 8/06

Jim Harvey (Incumbent) [email protected]; (650) 728-3665 (eve); DCF 7/13

Paul Perkovic (Incumbent) P.O. Box 371149, Montara, 94037-1149 (mail);  [email protected]; (415) 370-3897 (day); DCF 7/13

Legend: DCI=Declaration of Candidacy Issued; DCF=Declaration of Candidacy Filed;