NO on 16! do you know what you are voting for?


By on Thu, May 27, 2010

Hello All.  This is Patricia Chimienti

Proposition 16 is advertised as ‘your right to vote’ but that is not what is in question NOT AT ALL!

I was raised in a small town at the end of the Central Valley called Redding.  Many years ago Redding decided to become the owners and operators of the utilities within the City limits. 

It was done.  Guess what happened. Bet you cannot.  The electric rates for users within the city limits WENT DOWN!  The City is still in charge or the utilities here is their site check it out.

read this also

This was pulled from the site: 

"• Fact - REU vs. PG&E = saving Redding millions of dollars over the years. In the last year, Redding saved more than $37 million!

• Fact - REU’s electric service is available 99.991% of the time, ranking REU among the State’s most reliable utilities."



OH also did you see who is A MAJOR FUNDER FOR VOTING YES ON 16?  You got it PACIFIC GAS AND ELECTRIC.  Oh also note this issue is lable as a YES vote so it seems more positive but THAT is done only to confuse and mislead YOU the voter. 

So PLEASE don’t let PG&E fool you into thinking that governments going into the UTILITY business is a scam.  QUITE the opposite REALLY. PG&E is SPENDING MILLIONS TO try to keep their share of the market and to keep us paying their DICTATED rates. 

Making people vote in ‘special elections’  on municipalities going into the utility business will only DRIVE UP THE COSTS local governments would have to pay to try and establish locally owned and operated utility companies, as well has cause unnecessary delays.  DIVERSITY IS A GOOD THING.

So PG&E wants you to think that you are going to loose your shirt but really what will happen is "HEALTY COMPETITION" and that is another GOOD thing.

VOTE NO ON 16.  Please

Thanks for reading REVIEW your BALLOTS LEARN THE TRUTH…

Pat Chimienti