Letter: Noise abatement violations over Montara

Letter to the editor

By on Sat, September 29, 2007

For the last two months, we’ve observed low flying small aircraft; mostly coming out of the East. 

The noise has been overwhelming, and a few of us have been complaining to both the Half Moon Bay Airport & the San Carlos one.

The responses have been that the pilots deny any infractions of the bylaws (of course).  And they referred me onto the FAA who basically told us unless we get the numbers off of these plane tails & can "prove" they’re flying low & over our neighborhoods, not much can be done.

But I heard that a neighborhood near the Distillery complained so much that they shifted the aircraft from their area.

I’m hoping to have others that are feeling these invasive planes to help support moving them off of our area.

Every phone call to both airports will help.