Novel Imperfect Solitude is Released, Set Along the San Mateo Coast


By on Fri, December 3, 2010

When Evan Nellis, a neophyte biologist still reeling from the mysterious death of his father, is hired by PDT Biological Consulting in San Francisco, he finds himself under the brutal tutelage of Gordon Shaw, a brilliant biologist sorely lacking in people skills. With his neurotic, hypochondriac mother pressuring him to move back home to rural San Mateo County and his entry-level wage forcing him to stay on the couch of an eccentric friend, Evan’s only relief is surfing.

That changes when Richard Headley, a wealthy developer, takes an interest in Evan’s career and requests him personally for the biological assessments of his properties. Yet what seems like a blessing at first soon finds Evan in conflict with his principles, and he must confront everyone, including himself, before all he values is destroyed.

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