Ocean Colony art show will support beautification of Hwy 1 medians

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Posted by on Wed, October 4, 2006


The Chamber of Commerce, together with interested Ocean Colony residents, are sponsoring a fine art show and sale on Sunday, October 8, from 2 to 6pm at the Colony Club in Ocean Colony. 

This is a fundraising event for improvement of the medians along Hwy 1.  All artists are Ocean Colony residents.  Admission is free. There will be wine for sale by the glass and free hors d’oeuvres provided by local restaurants and neighbors. 40% of the price of sold paintings, and the proceeds from beverages, will be donated to the median project and is tax deductible. 

There will be plenty of parking available including parking along Miramontes Road and a free shuttle to the Colony Club.

Last I checked Ocean Colony was a gated community with a guard booth.

Do any of the artworks feature the gate or the high fence?


They mostly feature the moat and drawbridge.

I enjoy the banter about Ocean Colony as much as anyone but I’d prefer to see it on a different string because it detracts from the sincere effort of some of our talented citizens to contribute something to the community at large.  Art appreciation is not my natural thing but I plan to go to this event because I’d like to see what what talented locals are willing to effectively donate to the general good.


While I understand your impulse to be more inclusive it still remains true that Ocean Colony is the only neighborhood on the Coastside that I have never been to—I’m prevented from going there by a high metal fence, a large metal gate, and a guard, all provided for by my neighbors in Ocean Colony.

This in a region with a crime rate approaching zero. I know long-time residents who leave their cars and houses unlocked, day and night. I’ve never lived in such a low-crime area.

So you can appreciate that the gate at the gated community has a little symbolic significance to some people on the coast, as walls and gates tend to do.


On an item in which it’s announced that people are giving generously of their time and talent for a cause which they believe to be for the benefit of the community as a whole - that is just not the place for discussing whether a pre Coastal Act subdivision was appropriate or not.. Let’s take it elsewhere.

I attended the Art Show at Ocean Colony this afternoon.  There were a lot of folks in attendance and an abundance of art & artists. 
      I enjoyed the work of Hans Arum whose landscapes and streetscapes are mostly local and recognizeable. And good.  His prints were very reasonably priced, as well.
    The local artist who surprised me the most with her talent was Eda Cook.  I’ve seen some of her work before but she must have been stashing her best stuff for a show like this.  I went over to talk to her about a large pumpkin & hydrangea watercolor that was so good it seemed like a bargain at $500.  But, a lady nearby heard me asking about it and she interrupted with “Write me down for it.  I saw it first!”  I deferred, of course.
    Seemed like a successful event and the folks who contributed their talent deserve to be congratulated.

I am glad the event was successful in spite of that formidible gate and fierce guard. How did the people manage to get in?

—> :) <—smiley disclaimer for the humor impaired.

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Mon, October 9, 2006 10:37am
Barry Parr
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This is an interesting discussion that deserves its own topic. I’ve started a topic in Town Hall to discuss impact of gated communities on the Coastside.