Letter: Off-Leash/On-Leash


By on Sun, February 5, 2012

Perhaps this recent dog-walking incident on The Mountain could serve to settle this festering issue for good.

I am appalled at the instantaneous thrust of the “off-leashers” to grab this issue as their own.

San Mateo County’s leash law says “all dogs are to be on leash and under control whenever they are off the owner’s property.  The leash must be no more than 6 feet in length.”

I LOVE dogs! Dogs are doing nothing wrong. It is the haughty, above- the-law-walkers who have virtually closed the mountain to me. Over the years the “dogs must be on leash” signs have been defaced or removed by walkers.

There are off-leash parks. Dogs deserve them. Use them. Leash-up when on Montara.     

Kay Lindquist