“Oh My God”, Sat

Press release

By on Tue, September 28, 2010


On Saturday, October 2nd, The Visionary Edge will present Oh My God, a film by Peter Rodger, who traveled 23 countries to ask “What is God?”  The film will be preceded by a Global Potluck Dinner at 6:00 pm, so bring your favorite foreign dish! The filmmaker will introduce the film via skype at 7:30pm, followed by the screening.  All will take place at Community United Methodist Church in Half Moon Bay.

In every corner of the world, there’s one question that can never be definitively answered, yet stirs up equal parts passion, curiosity, self-reflection and often wild imagination: “What is God?” Filmmaker Peter Rodger explores this profound, age-old query in the provocative non-fiction feature “Oh My God?”

This visual odyssey travels the globe with a revealing lens examining the idea of God through the minds and eyes of various religions and cultures, everyday people, spiritual leaders and celebrities. His goal: to give the viewer the personal, visceral experience of some kind of reasonable, meaningful definition of one of the most used word in most every language.

In addition to everyday people and spiritual leaders, Rodger interviews celebrities David Copperfield, Dr. John F. DeMartini, Sir Bob Geldof, actor Hugh Jackman, HRH Princess Michael of Kent, singer Seal, Beatle Ringo Starr, and actor Jack Thompson.