Opinion: CUSD should address school traffic


Posted by on Sat, July 8, 2006

Tim Pond is a resident of El Granada

To the CSUD board:

It is now clear that the morning traffic problem can be mitigated by the reduction of school traffic.  Although the late start helps the situation, more can be done to alleviate the situation.  There are now six weeks left until the start of school and I would like to see consideration of the following ideas:

1.    Ban single and double occupant student drivers from the high school parking lot. If they want to give two students a ride, let them in. An academic requirement could also be established for parking permits.

2.    Give community service credit for those students to organize and participate in car pools.

3.    Get funding for one month of school busing.  It seems to me with all the emergency funding going out one of you guys could figure something out. (This must be easier than putting a highway trough a wetlands)

4.    Give physical education, elective, or community service credit for those students who ride their bikes to school.

5.    Letters to parents including names, times and numbers of potential car pool participants in their neighborhood.

6.    Delay the start of school by three weeks; add the time to the breaks and/or the end of the year. Pray to whatever god or tree you want that the repair work be completed on schedule.

7.    Get the commuter gas cards for students who car pool.  $40 is worth a lot more to a teenage driver and there is a greater potential for use with the common destination.

If we can use this situation to make our children socially aware of individual responsibility to the greater good, this whole affair will be transformed into a positive experience.  If we sit back in our cars and curse the traffic and let the leadership show an ineffectual response, we teach them an entirely different lesson. Please do something.

Tim Pond
El Granada


Mix incentive-based planning and personal responsibility, add some minimal administrative legwork and a little effort should go a long way.

I am sure some technology can be thrown in for #5 to help coordinate.

Bravo Tim.  This is a set of ideas who’s time is more than late in coming.  So great that I wish I had thought of these years ago.  I have been cursing this situation, slide up or down, for the 20+ years I have been on the coast (and carted kids too and from school). It’s difficult to organize this as a parent, as much as you have good intentions, with work schedules and your children’s school and after school schedules all trying to vie for your attention.

Traffic at all schools has been a long time issue, with each mommy and daddy dropping off one kid at a time.  I think this is a splendid set of very constructive set of suggestions that I sincerely hope the school administrators, and parents, see and review. Brilliant and thanks.

I rode with my 5 year-old to a camp at the middle school at 9 am today and it took 20 minutes from El Granada to HMB.  We passed cars nearly all the way.
Also, I E-mailed this list to the Board and cirriculum advisor and haven’t heard a peep. 

These are all good ideas which I think will have some effect but given the state of the commute traffic this week it looks like that the school traffic wasn’t a big factor.