Parvovirus on Coast


By on Mon, July 5, 2010

There is a small sign posted at the end of Ocean Blvd. in Moss Beach where people park to go onto the POST bluff top trail. The sign says that the trail has been exposed to Parvo. From PetMD: "the virus is transmitted either by direct contact with an infected dog, or indirectly, by the fecal-oral route. Heavy concentrations of the virus are found in an infected dog’s stool, so when a healthy dog sniffs an infected dog’s stool, it will contract the disease." I don’t know who posted the note - it’s not from any agency, just a hand lettered sign. Maybe someone knows more about this.

Thanks for the note. I was on that trail with our dog just yesterday!

Sounds like it’s a much bigger problem for puppies than adult dogs. Here’s the link to the article cited above:

I wonder if someone is trying to keep dogs off the trail and using parvo as scare tactics

Similar hand made signs are posted randomly above Moss Beach Horse Ranch sign at the Etheldore st entrance. A few Parvo warnings are also posted around the large field directly south of the Seton Hospital property.

Thanks for people’s responses. The sign at Ocean Boulevard has since been removed. As Barry said, this is mostly an issue for puppies. I’ve checked with my vet who said Parvo is included as part of the distemper shots that adult dogs get either yearly or every three years, depending on your vet, the type of vaccination they use and the dog’s age. So as long as your dog’s shots are up-to-date, you don’t need to worry. I think people with puppies do need to be reminded that their puppy should not be taken on outside walks until after the third set of puppy shots since that is the one that includes Parvo. They should also be kept away from other dogs except those they may live with until the third set of shots. Note: soil that has been contaminated with Paravo can remain so for up to 20 years.