Patridge to Run for Re-election: Going for Quarter Century on City Council (groan)


By on Thu, August 6, 2009

Council incumbent Patridge files to run again, HMB Review Article,  August 5, 2009.

Nobody personifies the entrenched, back-room dealing Old Guard politician better than Naomi Patridge—a direct political decendent of "Godmother" Dolores Mullin.

Generations of loyal softball fans (who vote for her automatically) ensure that Patridge will always be re-elected, decade after decade. Guaranteed. After all, she has shown that she can pull in millions of dollars in anonymous contributions to fund her many pet development projects.

First elected in 1985 (yes 1985, that’s not a typo) she’s apparently now going for the all-time record for years on the HMB City Council.

Unfazed by (1) the Beachwod fiasco (which she helped precipitate starting in the early 1990s), (2) the City’s current budget mess, and (3) her disgraceful vote to hand out fat raises to City big wigs while others were laid off, Patridge is now asking voters for "four more years."

I guess the previous 20+ years was not enough time for Patridge to accomplish her goals. What exactly did she accomplish anyway? I can’t think of one thing besides the anonymously-funded development projects, which have nothing to do with her duties as a City Council member.

At some point, you would think that basic humility would come into play and Patridge would see fit to step aside and let others have a chance to fix the many problems that she that helped create. But no. As I have said many times before, Patridge is the prime example for why we need term limits at the local level.