Pesticides in Residential Areas of Half Moon Bay


By on Sat, November 7, 2009

As a person with allergies from many chemical agents, and a concerned parent and citizen, I am writing to decry the use of heavy pesticides in the fields south of the townhouse community on South Main Street. I keep my workplace windows open to minimize indoor air pollution. Imagine my surprise when, upon opening the windows on a beautiful, sunny day early last week, my nose and lungs were assaulted by the smell of heavy pesticides coming from the area just north of the theater and fire station.

There are many families with children living in this immediate area, as well as several communities of seniors. Chemical pesticides are a known irritant and carcinogen.  I have not been aware of their use in Half Moon Bay in recent years. It would be great to have Coastsider investigate this story. I’d be interested in learning who owns the fields and exactly what types of pesticides are being used. They appeared to be in a gaseous or liquid form, because the odor was pervasive and remained in the air throughout the week. It was mitigated by a bit by Friday’s rain.

Sande Anfang
Half Moon Bay