Photos: California red-legged frog in Montara

Posted by on Sun, May 6, 2007

Chuck Kozak
Chuck Kozak encountered this most accommodating California red-legged frog -- slightly smaller than medium sized -- on Saturday in Montara Creek during the "Snapshot day" water quality sampling.
Chuck Kozak
Chuck Kozak

Nice pictures! Perhaps someone should start a coastside photo album of local RLFs. It’s important that people be able to identify them when they come across a frog.

Here’s another picture and a chorus (mp3 format) of three frogs with what might be a mating call.

My personal favorite was this great shot of a CRLF at Wavecrest. This was the first real news story that Coastsider carried, almost three years ago:

This is such a great photo, thanks for sharing. Are we allowed to photograph these frogs? They might view us as paparazzi - do you think? They seem to have a lot of rights these days. What if the camera startles them and they stop reproducing or something? :)))))

My son who is 7 also loves the pic and was asking why it is called a red-legged frog and it doesn’t have red legs. Why isn’t it called the brownish frog with some dark spots?

This looks exactly like the kind of frog that we used to have in my backyard when I was growing up on Long Island. They would have their tadpoles on top of our in-ground pool cover and we would have hundreds of frogs in a short time. I used to sell the tadpoles and the frogs to other neighborhood kids, since we were the only ones with a pool and this so-called frog habitat.

Anyway, I love the idea of a frog photo album since frogs are a big thing here on the coast. They own more property than I do.

Has anyone every tried frog’s legs? I think my grandfather used to eat them.


Hypothetically speaking (remember this only might occur, it hasn’t “really” happened, so don’t get any ideas) let’s say I find a red-legged frog in my backyard pond. Am I supposed to contact anyone? Would a discovery like that bring a stop to any planned construction near my house? Would my lot become a nature preserve? Would I be able to cut weeds down in my own yard? Would it allow me to shoot those pesky raccoons that knock over my trash cans in order to protect Connor (not that we have hypothetically named the hypothetical frog).

Or would I dredge his tasty little legs in flour and pan-fry them up to be served with a hot chili sauce?

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