Photos: Firefighters rescue dog from Pillar Point cliffs

Posted by on Tue, March 23, 2010

Barry Parr
Coastside firefighters responded to a cliff rescue on the Pillar Point bluff. The subject was a dog that had fallen off the cliff and wound up on a ledge about 25 feet down, but far above the beach.
Barry Parr
Marguerite Gyatt
A firefighter rapelled down the cliff, picked up the dog, and continued on to the beach below.
Graham Gyatt
The lucky dog, returned to its family.

Wow.  I know you’re going to gets lots of complaints from people saying things about spending money and risking lives to save a dog, but our companions look to us to be there for them when they need us.  The reward is always a hundred-fold.  There’s a special place in heaven for firefighters.  Times like these guarantee it!  Thanks Coastside Fightfighters…again!

Yes, we witnessed three fire trucks and two Sheriff’s Patrol cars drive thrugh Seal Cove. I thought it was possibly a (human) medical emergency. Later on, a neighbor said it was a dog. I thought the same thing…what a waste of taxpayer’s money, but she took the high ground, and said “it’s good practice” which I had to admit, was true, for we have witnessed cars over the cliff at Bernal & Ocean as well as a foggy night when helicopters hovered over the reef to rescue two men and a dog from a boat that ran aground in the fog.
So, when not much else is going on, (THANK GOODNESS!) all the rescue units go out to take a look and see if they also can assist.  We’re lucky there is nothing worse that they need to be responding to! We could be in East Palo Alto and have a plane crash into a house, or shootings and roberies. 
P.S. I’m glad the dog is alright. What is his or her name?

“Lucky”?  I love a good straight man…uh, woman.

It sounds like luck was on Lucky’s side! Awwww!