Photos: Highway 92 reopened


Posted by on Mon, July 21, 2008

Bob Nannetti
Bob Nannetti

Highway 92 at Skyline has just reopened after a big rig jackknifed about 7 this morning.

SR 84 was lovely to drive eastward through the mist.  The brown trunks stark against the brilliant green.  No Starbucks in sight.  I may return home that way to retain this mellow mood.  Lovely - lovely - lovely.

Now, what happens when diesel fuel spills on State Route 92?  Does it immediately evaporate?  Does it run down the road then absorb into the ground, eventually seeping into Pilarcitos Creek?  Does an emergency crew mop up all the spill, so no harm done?  My 17 year old asked and I couldn’t answer her question.

Unfortunately, some of us were caught for almost 2 hrs, unable to turn around because of the solid concrete barrier separating east and west bound traffic west of Skyline. Eventually, CalTrans conducted a kind of “evacuation”. We’d already moved to the right to let emergency vehicles through, so they started at the bottom of the hill and had us turn around, using the left-hand lane to go back to Half Moon Bay. Big semis couldn’t do that so I’d imagine that they were stuck for rather longer.

Cal Fish & Wildlife folks were called to the scene, so likely they were checking for impacts on Pilarcitos Creek.


I could have sworn breakout sections were staggered along that concrete wall, but no - it is indeed solid concrete the entire way!  They didn’t provide the option of letting you-all turn around at the base of the hill and then go up the westbound lane to get over the hill after waiting that long?  =\  Painful.

I would’ve been right there with you in the line, had we left the house on-time.  Little blessings.